Should a campaign be defined as a success only if it sells product?

From AMA 7/21’s story

Old Spice Guy: The Campaign Your Marketing Could Look Like

Author: Nancy Pekala

If somehow you’ve missed the Old Spice story, here it is in a nutshell.  Last February, Procter and Gamble ran a Super Bowl ad introducing its new brand character, the Old Spice Man, played by Isaiah Mustafa, a bare-chested former NFL wide receiver who promised women he was “the man your man could smell like,” even if no man could ever be as truly manly as the Old Spice Man.

Five months later, the brand’s Portland-based ad agency Wieden + Kennedy posted a simple message on Old Spice’s Facebook and Twitter page: “Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into Twitter, or maybe the Old Spice Man shows up @Old Spice.”  Thus began a two-day Old Spice YouTube Tweetathon in which the brand’s team involving the actor, social media and video creatives, produced more than 180 video spots in an average of 7 minutes each, often within 30 minutes of a fan’s tweet.  To date, the videos have garnered more than 75 million views.

The question is:  should a campaign be defined as a success only if it sells product?


By so far, the weekly poll related to this story “Old Spice won big with a YouTube campaign that earned buzz but questionable sales. Does a campaign need to sell product to be successful?”


22% Yes, sales is the ultimate metric

52% No, brand awareness & other factors matter

26% Not sure, depends on campaign’s goals


What is your opinion?

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