Physics & Marketing–> Oil & Water? Not quite

How do you take two completely (perceivably) irrelevant things and say they are linked? Well Dan Cobley (from Google) does exactly that.

Physics  and Marketing are related… As ridiculous as it sounds, it is kinda true. Watch his TED talk for his side of it.

Come to think of it… Sir Isaac Newton (yes… the physicist) has contributed to marketing literature too! let me elaborate-

Reilly’s Law of Retail Gravitation- William J. Reilly, in the 1920s, proposed a formula to calculate the propensity with which a customer would choose one retailer over another if we know the size of the stores and the distance that separated them. In comes the formula,

Painfully tedious as it looks, the foundation of this formula was ,

Looks familiar? Seen that formula sometime in highschool, while cramming for exams?? Yes. It is derived from Newton’s Law of Gravitation. Ta daa!

Guess physicists would make great marketers! What say?


About nrimolaga

If you are thinking what PZAU means and why I have that as my handle, I cant help you there. But, on to other matters about me, I am a student of Marketing, self proclaimed Basketballer and worshipper of Metallica, Pinkfloyd...Apart from that, Highly Opinionated and therefore not very popular.
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